Thursday, March 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

This was our first Christmas in Nebraska. We had a full house this year and loved every minute of it! We woke up Christmas morning to a nice new white blanket of snow, it was really beautiful. My Grandma McBride, my mom and dad and two little brothers came, Tom's mom Diana came and also my brother Brian and his wife Kim and two kids were here. We really had a lot of fun. Christmas Eve, Tom's uncle Jim and his wife Debbie came for dinner. They live here in Omaha and it was nice to see them. The kids dressed up and acted out the Nativity, it was so cute and brought the spirit of Christmas into our home.

Christmas morning was so fun of course, I love to see the kids so excited! The highlight was definitely McKenna getting her cell phone. We wrapped it in a very big box and then hid it in a pair of gloves. Tom called the phone when she got to the gloves and when those gloves started buzzing and ringing, she freaked out! It was hilarious, I don't think I have ever seen a kid get so excited in my life.


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Lyon Pride said...

I love your girls' Christmas dresses. Maybe, I'll get my Christmas pictures up today... I got a new calling on Sunday so maybe I'll have a little more time.